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Download your free PDF file of the honda odyssey on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. Honda Odyssey – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 26 Oct, by KeegdnaB. Model: Honda Odyssey. File size: MB. Honda Odyssey Owners Manual [Honda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. factory original owners manual.

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ID numbers, dimensions, capacities, and technical information. Warranty and Customer Relations U. It will give you years of driving pleasure. In it, you will learn how to operate its driving controls and avoid odysesy to your Honda, other convenience items.

A Few Words About Safety Your safety, and the safety of others, You will find this important safety information in a variety of forms, is very important.

And operating this including: General Guidelines for Using yourself and your passengers. It Hondaa Safety Checklist. Important Safety Precautions You’ll find many safety Be Kwners of Airbag Hazards Control Your Speed recommendations throughout this While airbags can save lives, they Excessive speed is a major factor in section, and throughout this manual.

Your Vehicle’s Safety Featur Your vehicle is equipped with man features that work together to protect you and your passengers during a crash. Some safety features do not requi any action on your part. These include a strong steel framework that forms a safety cage around th passenger compartment; Canadian provinces require you to For your safety, and the safety of your passengers, your vehicle is wear seat belts.

Honda Odyssey 2001 Reference Owner’s Manual

Help keep you from being thrown equipped with seat belts in all seating against the inside of the vehicle and against other occupants. Your Vehicle’s Safety Features Airbags The most important things you need not wearing seat belts, are not to know about your airbags are: Infants Airbags do not replace seat belts.

Your Vehicle’s Safety Features What you should do: To make sure you and your passengers get the maximum protection from your vehicle’s safety All doors and the tailgate are closed and locked see page All cargo is properly stored or Protecting Adults Introduction 1.

Close and Lock the Doors 2. Adjust the Front Seats The odysdey pages provide After everyone has entered the instructions on how to properly vehicle, be sure the doors and protect the driver and other adult tailgate are closed and locked.

Protecting Adults To reduce the chance of injury, wear Most shorter drivers can get far 3. Adjust the Seat-Backs your seat belt properly, sit upright enough away from the steering with your back against the seat, and wheel and still reach the pedals.

Protecting Adults A front passenger should also adjust 4. Adjust the Head Restraints the seat-back to an upright position, but as far from hojda dashboard as Reclining the seat-back too far can result in serious injury or possible. A passenger who sits too death in a crash. Insert the latch plate into the buckle, then tug on the belt to make sure the Make sure head restraints are belt is securely latched.

Have your Honda dealer check the belt as soon Never place the shoulder portion of a as possible. Adjust the Steering Wheel 7. Maintain a Proper Sitting Position Sitting improperly or out of After all occupants have owmers position can result in serious their manuak and put on seat belts, it is injury or death in a crash.

Protecting Adults Advice for Pregnant Women Pregnant women should also sit Additional Safety Precautions upright and as far back as possible Never let passengers ride in the cargo area or on top of a folded- from the steering wheel or dashboard. Protecting Adults Do not put any accessories on seat Keep your hands mannual arms away belts.

Devices 20001 to improve from the airbag covers. If your occupant comfort or reposition the hands or arms are close to the shoulder part oaners a seat belt can airbag covers in the center of the severely compromise the steering wheel and on top of the Protecting Children All Children Must Be Restrained Each year, many children are injured Children who are unrestrained or killed in vehicle crashes because or improperly restrained can be they are either unrestrained or not seriously injured or killed in a properly restrained.


If you are not wearing a According to accident statistics, seat belt in a crash, you could be children of all ages and sizes are thrown mwnual into the safer when they are restrained in the Protecting Hondz The Passenger’s Airbag Poses Small Children Placing a forward-facing child seat in Serious Risks to Children Airbags have been designed to help the front seat of a vehicle equipped protect adults in a moderate to with a passenger’s airbag can be hazardous.

Models Canadian Models To remind you of the passenger’s To remind you of the airbag hazards, airbag hazards, and that children nanual vehicle has warning labels on must be properly restrained in a the driver’s and front passenger’s back seat, your vehicle has warning visors.


Protecting Children If You Must Drive with Several If a Child Requires Close Children Attention Your vehicle has two rows of back Many parents say they prefer to put seats where children can be properly an infant or small child in the front restrained.

Protecting Children Additional Safety Precautions Do not leave children alone in your Use childproof door locks to vehicle. Leaving children without prevent children from opening the adult supervision is illegal in most ownegs.

Using this feature will states and Odyssy provinces, prevent children from opening the and can be very hazardous. Protecting Children General Guidelines for Using Child Seats The following pages give general guidelines for selecting and installing child seats for infants and small children.

Selecting a Child Seat To provide proper protection, a child seat should meet three requirements: However, Honda is confident that Your vehicle has lower anchorages one or more child seat models can fit installed for use with Child Restraint Never in the front seat, due This page briefly summarizes Honda’s recommendations on where to the passenger’s airbag hazard.

Not recommended, facing child seats in your vehicle. After selecting a proper child seat, Make sure the child is properly driving maneuvers as well as during strapped in the child seat and a good position to install the seat, a collision, we recommend that according to the child seat maker’s Protecting Children Protecting Infants Rear-Facing Child Seat Placement In this vehicle, a rear-facing child Placing a rear-facing child seat seat can be placed in any seating in the front seat can result in position in a back seat, but not in the serious injury or death if the front seat.

After the belt has retracted, tug on it. If the belt is locked, you will not be able to pull it out. If you can pull the belt out, it is not locked and you will need to repeat these steps. Protecting Children To deactivate the locking Installing a Rear-Facing Child Seat in mechanism and remove a child seat, the Center Position of the Third Seat unlatch the buckle, unroute the seat belt, and let the belt fully retract.

Push and pull the child seat forward and from side to side to verify that it is secure enough to To install a rear-facing child seat in Protecting Children Then pull hard on the loose end of Rear-Facing Child Seat Installation the belt to remove the any slack it Tips may help to put weight on the child seat while pulling on the belt.

Finally, follow instruction number 5 on page to verify that the child seat is secured.

Protecting Children Protecting Small Owbers Of the different seats available, we Child Seat Placement recommend those that have a five- In this vehicle, the best place to point harness system as shown.

With the child seat in the desired 2. To hobda the lockable retractor, 4. After confirming that the belt is seating position, route the belt slowly pull the shoulder part of the locked, grab the shoulder part of through the child seat according the belt near the buckle and pull belt all the way out until it stops, Protecting Children To deactivate the locking Installing a Child Hpnda in the Center mechanism in order to remove a Position of the Third Seat child seat, unlatch the buckle, unroute the seat belt, and let the belt fully retract.

Push and pull the child seat To install a forward-facing child seat forward and from side to side to verify that it is secure enough to Protecting Children Then pull hard on the loose end of Protecting Larger Children the belt to remove the any slack it When majual child reaches the may help to put weight on the child Allowing a larger child to sit recommended weight or height limit seat while pulling on the belt. Protecting Children Checking Seat Belt Fit If the shoulder part of the belt rests Do not let a child wear a seat belt over the child’s collarbone and across the owjers.


This could result in against the center of the chest, as serious neck injuries during a crash. A Administration and Transport child of this height should be tall Canada recommend that all children Protecting Children If you decide that a child ownesr safely Physical Size Physically, a child must be large ride up front, be sure to: Your vehicle has attachment points for a tether-style child seat to be installed on the second or third row as shown.

Since a tether can provide additional security, we recommend using a tether whenever one is required or available. If a torque wrench was not used, see Attach the tether strap hook to the There ownrs three attachment points your Honda dealer as soon as tether attachment point and tighten possible to verify proper installation. Protecting Children Using the Lower Anchorages The exact location of each anchor is marked with a small circle above the lower anchor point. To install a child seat designed to attach to the lower anchorages: Move the seat belt buckle or seat belt tongue away from the anchorages.

Follow the child seat maker’s 5. Attach the tether strap hook to the instructions for any additional tether anchorage point and tighten advice on adjusting or tightening ownets strap according to the child manuall fit. Additional Information About Your Seat Belts The seat belts in all positions except Attach the metal hook on the edge of the driver’s and the center position the shoulder odysseh to the metal loop of the third seat have an additional on the latch plate of the lap belt locking mechanism that must be marked CENTER, then tug on the Honda provides a lifetime warranty injury or death if the seat belts do not work properly when on seat belts.

Honda will repair or replace any seat belt component that needed. The driver’s airbag is stored in the center of Emergency backup power in case the steering wheel; Additional Information About Your SRS During a crash, your seat belt helps After a crash, you woners see what restrain your lower body and torso, looks like smoke. This is actually while the tensioner tightens and powder from the airbag’s surface. This tells you that the system is working properly. Your Honda has automatic seat belt If the light comes on ownsrs any other tensioners for added protection time, or does not come on at all, you However, you must have may not deploy when you need them.

See your Honda dealer as soon as possible. Hnoda your vehicle manuwl by a Your airbags ever inflate. The dealer as soon as possible if Together, airbags and seat belts provide the best protection odyasey a moderate to severe frontal collision. Do not tamper with SRS components or wiring for any reason. Carbon Monoxide Hazard Your vehicle’s exhaust contains With the tailgate open, air flow can pull exhaust gas into your vehicle’s carbon monoxide gas.

You should Carbon monoxide gas is toxic. Read these labels carefully. All the essential Rear Window Defogger This indicator comes on for a few Anti-lock Brake System 1. You can still open or 201 indicator comes on when you push When you turn on the Hazard each sliding door manually. See page This light comes on when the information on the headlight the ignition switch to ON II with washer fluid level is low.

It measures miles in U. It is illegal under U.