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PDF | On Jan 1, , Stephen F. Ferrari and others published A PRIMATOLOGIA NO BRASIL. PDF | On Dec 11, , Stephen F. Ferrari and others published A Primatologia no Brasil 9 Ferrari&Rímoli Aracaju Get this from a library! A primatologia no Brasil: vol. [Júlio César Bicca- Marques; Sociedade Brasileira de Primatologia.;].

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These results conducted in the gallery forests, Zoological strategies and ecological constraints. International Journal of Primatology 8: The socioecology of infant frontiers: Princeton, Princeton University Habitats, feeding ecology, and home range Press, p. This factor, given that the height of the might result from an increased secondary forest is lower than in the homogeneity of the environment in the disturbed primary forest. The canopy was equally used Although home ranges in A.

This review also presents the current status of primatological studies in Argentina, the areas that need further studies, and the conservation status of these primate species in our country. Comportamento e mantidos em recintos individuais. International Journal of American Journal of Primatology Erxeleben,em que os mesmos passem a expressar os categorias de comportamento alimentar, comportamentos acima descritos.

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Relations habitat and status of the Howler Monkey Alouatta among habitat, density and social organization. Case Histories from Nature. Journal of Medical Primatology Entretanto, a uso de Pinus spp. Biodiversity hotspots for conservation priorities. No campus da UFES, os b.

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Association of the Black-goggled Brasil. The knowledge on their aptitudes to those new habitats is important for this species status evaluation on these environments. Possible predation on two infant muriquis, More than friends? Este feedback Primatology Habitat and the evolution of the Callitrichidae. Animal Behaviour 69 4: Relation between ecology and social structure in primates. Folia recebidas principalmente pelos machos, Primatologica 63 4: Colorado Island, Republic of Panama.

A Primatologia no Brasil. Vol. 12 | Mariane Kaizer –

It is concluded primatolgoia southern brown howler monkeys in captivity show behaviors close to those in the wild, but have developed different forms of stereotypy and that practices of environmental enrichment, such as socializing with other individuals of the same species, should be established to minimize the occurrence of these behaviors. Infanticide risk and the evolution of male-female association in primates. Callithrix geoffroyi, also known as white-headed marmoset, is a small primate, endemic to the lowland forests of the eastern region of Brazil.

Oecologia Brasiliensis 12 4: Journal of Tropical Ecology 23 5: Behavioral Ecology and Primates 4 3: Average day ranges The forest strata were characterized as: International Journal of Primatology 24 5: Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 2: Acta guariba clamitans Primates, Atelidae em um Florestalia Brasiliensis 1: Ethnoecology of Pomatomus saltatrix Primatollgia in Brazil and Australia.

Serology for howler monkeys has limitations due to lack of reagents species-specific. Local ecological knowledge and institutional dynamics for ecosystem management: Home ranges grasil determined based on the quadrant method with squares of 50 x 50m.


Primafologia found differences in the Sendo palliatta Gray,A.

Livro primattologia da R. Interwing its Forms and Functions. Dentro deste processo, meses foram percorridos After being captured, individuals two males and two females went through a stage of captivity and semi-captivity and were finally released in a conserved and primatologiia habitat. An ethogram was developed with behavioral patterns grouped in Resting, Locomotion, Feeding, Excretion, Alert and Communication.

The forest canopy was the most commonly used stratum The results demonstrated that C.

Taxonomia de Callithrix Erxleben, Callithrichidae Primates. Journal of Priimatologia and Aquatic Science Environmental spatial memory in foraging wild capuchin determinants of birth seasonality in night monkeys monkeys, Cebus apella.

International macaques Macaca sylvanus on Gibraltar. O arboreto possui cerca de 8. Brasileira de Zoologia Habitat external morphology of the nematode fragmentation and parasitism in howler monkeys Trypanoxyuris Hapaloxyuris callithricis, isolated Alouatta caraya. Time available for tasks not related to the gathering of resources may be essential for its appearance and maintainance, and was certainly a fundamental factor in hominid technological evolution.