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A Freelance system can consist of between one and several AC F, AC F or AC F controllers and can be extended with different types of I/O units. Catalog Description: Preassemled AC F controller (PLC) with 24 VDC Power supply, Ethernet 10BaseT, PROFIBUS module and 16 MB Base Unit PM F. The AC F hardware. The AC F has a modular structure. The CPU is designed as a backplane to which various modules – power supply.

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Good afternoon I would like to inform about the monitoring software for ACF builder. Currently I have the software in demo mode for days, but if you can do some downloading to the controller without a license. I watched the tutorial and upload an app to be going the way of man icon commissioning of the helmet, but when I select that button closes the application, do not know if I ax800f something wrong or permanently installed without license I can not make downloads and testing with real equipment.

Buenas tardes me gustaria informarme sobre el software control builder para el ACF.


Actualmente tengo el software en modo demo por dias, pero no se si se puede realizar alguna descarga al controlador sin tener la licencia. Hello to help in getting answer translated text into English language and recomended to use English language to get fast and more answers. If I understood correctly, abv have freelance installed in demo mode and it is not possible to go in comissioning mode and not possible to add profibus slave DTM.

Want to confirm did you downloaded freelance software in demo mode first time on that computer? Which freelance version you are using? If it’s your first time with freelance recomended to go through getting started manual available in demo dvd. Thank you very much for your reply.

I could not connect to ACF, but now I have problems with the remote module declaration Profbus communication. Could you please guide me in this matter? I am using the Demo version 9.

Regarding the manual that tells me, could you please send me some link to download? I searched the code on the page tells me ABB but I can not, as well as on the web either.

Freelance AC 800F Controllers

Again thank you very much in advance. I have seen weird things like this before if you are using V9. Correction I think 9.


In any case the OS may be your part of your problem. Question App Login Help. ACF demo mode English version: Comments 1 New comment by admin Rank: Voted best answer 4.

Hello, If I understood correctly, you have freelance installed in demo mode and it is not possible to go in comissioning mode and not possible to add profibus slave DTM. Comments 5 New comment by canesmaior Rank: Hi, If i understood correctly, Question 1: Unable to download the application in demo mode?

ACF demo mode (DCS in general Control systems Demo system Freelance Controllers AC F)

Download to controller is possible in both demo and licensed mode. Unable to add Profibus DTM slaves? Please provide Freelance version which you are using I hope this helps you Comments 0 New comment. Other questions needing answers.