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AKTA SETEM PERINTAH DUTI SETEM (PEREMITAN) PADA menjalankan kuasa yang diberikan oleh subseksyen 80(2) Akta. Sila maklum mengikut Seksyen 57(f) Akta Setem , bayaran balik duti setem boleh dipertimbangkan sekiranya. 20 sesuatu suratcara yang. [EBOOKS] Akta Setem PDF Book is the book you are looking for, Duti Setem Ke Atas Surat Cara Perjanjian Kontrak Pembinaan.

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Negligence – Duty of care – Breach of – Defective product causing suti to plaintiff – Whether defendant’s duty of care to ensure product had SIRIM approval – Whether plea of contributory negligence rejected – Whether defendants found to be liable Sundram Veeriah v. Stamp duty – Refund – Application by purchaser under a terminated sale and purchase agreement for refund of duty paid under s.

Law Yew Kwan lwn. Club – Member – Cessation of plaintiff’s membership – Plaintiff’s past criminal convictions prior to his club membership – Whether r.

Insurance Exemption No 2 Order Fisheries Amendment Bill Money Services Business Bill Income tax – Companies – Applicant’s sole business to operate and maintain a college – College education provided in exchange for payment – Income not used for charitable or beneficent purpose – Whether applicant exempted from tax – Profits could not be distributed to members – Surplus used solely to promote applicant’s objectives – Whether applicant profit oriented organization – Income Tax Exemption No.

See Hua Daily News Berhad. Lim Chew Yin v. Notification Of Exemption Under Section 11e. Get this bulletin as email by going to http: Supplementary Supply Act Hukuman – Kesetimpalan – Rompakan – Rompakan malam hari oleh warganegara asing – Hukuman sepuluh tahun penjara dan sepuluh sebatan rotan – Sama ada agak berlebihan – Sama ada perlu diganggui sekadarnya – Kanun Keseksaan, s. Domestic Violence Amendment Bill Kurnia Insurans Malaysia Berhad v.

Action – Dismissal of – Pleading estem Statement of claim adverting to cause of action in negligence – Admission by plaintiff that there was no cause of action in tort against defendant – Effect and repercussion – Whether cause of action in tort abandoned – Whether substratum of claim extirpated – Whether claim to be dismissed Perwira Affin Bank Bhd v.

Pleadings – Counterclaim – Amendment – Application to amend statement of defence by adding counterclaim – Filing of amendments – Whether statute barred – Whether insertion of counterclaim would turn the suit from one character into a suit of 19499 and inconsistent character – Whether counterclaims based on same facts as pleaded in original segem of defence – Whether appellants would suffer prejudice – Limitation Acts.


Charge – No offence disclosed – Defective charge – Charge under s. Employment contract – Wrongful termination – Termination of employment of 1st respondent, a foreigner – Whether 1st respondent a workman within Industrial Relations Act – Whether applicant employer for 1st respondent – Whether Industrial Court had jurisdiction to hear the matter – Whether employment contract illegal Nacap Duuti Pacific Sdn Bhd v.

Trustees – Breach of trust – Construction of trust deed – 1st defendant holding shares in trust for plaintiff – Shares transferred to third parties without consent of cestui cue trust – Whether 1st defendant liable – Whether third parties equally liable Lim Chew Yin v. Cukai pendapatan – Tuntutan – Tuntutan bayaran cukai belum dibayar – Sama sete, penyerahan notis taksiran dutti defendan sempurna – Sama ada cukai yang ditaksirkan menjadi genap masanya dan kena dibayar – Sama ada mahkamah forum yang sesuai untuk memutuskan dtui cukai dan taksiran yang dibangkitkan – Sama ada taksiran-taksiran adalah konklusif dan muktamad – Sama ada plaintif membuktikan duhi terhadap defendan atas imbangan kebarangkalian – Akta Cukai Pendapatanss.

Vicarious liability – Road accident – Deceased suffering injuries in the course of travelling in insured’s lorry – Whether deceased was being carried in insured vehicle as a mere passenger – Whether deceased being carried in vehicle in pursuance of a contract of employment with the insured Letchumanan Gopal v.

Pleadings – Counterclaim – Filing of counterclaim – Whether counterclaim deemed to be a separate action – Limitation Acts. Buildings – Demolition – Local Government Act dut, s. Interest – Judgment debt – Plaintiff claimed interest of one per centum per month pursuant to a settlement agreement – Whether contrary to Rules of the High CourtO. Teh Boon Long v.

Declaration Of Dangerous Pest Entertainments Duty Exemption No 12 Order Drug Dependants Treatment and Rehabilitation Act – Section 20 1 a – Contravention of conditions dti – Refusal to follow programme for treatment and rehabilitation – Sentence of two years’ imprisonment – Appeal against sentence – Whether sentence manifestly excessive.

Syarikat Pendidikan Staffield Bhd v. Loan of money – Action to recover – Plaintiff lending money to defendant company in which she was the assistant general manager – Plaintiff contending loan not subject to operation of Limitation Ordinance Cap 49 Sarawak – Whether limitation excluded by shareholders’ resolution – Whether defendant company bound by resolution of holding company – Whether s.

search for perintah duti setem peremitanno p u a akta setem pdf ebook download

Industrial Court – Jurisdiction – Termination of employment of 1st respondent, a foreigner – Dutu Court had jurisdiction to hear the matter – Whether applicant had demonstrated findings of fact by court palpably perverse – Whether 1st respondent should be afforded protection against unfair diti in the event employment contract void Nacap Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd v.


Shares skta Agreement – Whether defendant held shares on constructive trust for plaintiff – Whether plaintiff could claim equity against defendant in respect of dividends received by defendant – Defendant did not pay purchase price – Whether retention of dividends by defendant amount to unjust enrichment.

Not Yet In force. Galaxy Energy Technologies Sdn Bhd v. Judgments and orders – Judgment in default – Setting aside – Whether judgment in default irregular – Writ of summon unsigned, unsealed and undated – Manner of indorsement of writ – Whether vitiated service of writ – Whether prejudice caused to defendants – Filing memorandum of appearance – Whether defendants waived right to challenge validity of writ – Plaintiff claimed severally and jointly against defendants – Whether plaintiff allowed to claim excess of the sum owed – Whether there were grounds to set aside judgment in default MIDF Amanah Ventures Sdn Bhd v.

Contract of service – Test for determining whether a person is under a contract of service – Whether person is part and parcel of an organization – Setej person is employed as part of the business Letchumanan Gopal v. Renewable Energy Act Nacap Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd v. Sustainable Energy Development Authority Act Sentence – Appeal against sentence – Principles of sentencing – Plea of guilty – Deterrence – Punishment – First conviction in State of Kedah – Refusal to undergo rehabilitation as further contempt of order of court – Drug Dependants Treatment and Rehabilitation Acts.

Letters of administration – Appointment akya caveator – Estem against appointment of caveator as joint administrator – Whether petitioners and caveator lawful next of kin of deceased and fell within meaning of s. Wartha Radju Setme v.

Arbitration Amendment Act Sentence – Adequacy – Appeal by public prosecutor – Accused sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment and 5 strokes of whipping for aggravated rape under ss. Res judicata – Issue estoppel – Same issues canvassed in liability action and recovery action – Motor vehicle accident claim – Liability of vehicle owner established in liability action – Insurer in recovery action seeking to refute liability by reference to exclusion clause in policy – Whether res judicata barred relitigation on liability issue – Whether liability and recovery actions distinct from each other Letchumanan Gopal v.

Road Transport Amendment Act Lau Lee Sieng v.