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ArgoUML is the leading open source UML modeling tool and includes support for all User documentation On Windows or Mac: Double-click on Argo’s Javadocs Tab allows you to enter documentation on the selected design element. Extract all files from to a folder. Double click. The documentation () is impressive with different formats of a quick start and a user manual ( pages!) that.

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The original configuration can be restored by clicking again on these arrows, which are now located at the edge of the window. In fact, it would be interesting to see if you can type stereotypes write in the class attribute box for generating XML diagrams. If you are much larger than this, consider breaking the use case down. Most common issue is not having a new enough Java Runtime Environment it must be 1. ArgoUML was originally developed by a small group of people as a research project.

Most useful where the use case is one of a series of subsidiary use cases that are included in a main use case, where they can form the pre-conditions of the next use case to be included.

In short, clicking selects or activates the object beneath the mouse-pointer, and moves the focus i. At step 1 of the basic flow the customer indicates they do not want a receipt. New use case diagrams can be created as needed through Create Diagram on the main menu bar or on the Create Diagram Toolbar. If you want to learn some details about how the project is run and how you should go about to contribute go the the ArgoUML Web Site Developer Zone and read through the documentation there.


This is the reverse of the include relationship, but reflects the way that designer’s tend to think.

ArgoUML Documentation Resources

Dragging the handle at the top to another use case will create a generalization. If there are no more previous artifacts, the button is grayed out. Finally the a study is used to give examples of the concepts in use.

The screen of ArgoUML is split in four different panes. It is much more depending on the target language and target documentaion.

We are not actually trying the flesh out the detailed solution at this stage. They showed the relationships between the actors and use cases, and demonstrated how these actors and use cases interact.

This menu is not xrgouml for diagram layout functions. We now have the problem we are trying to solve specified in the language of a putative solution.

We shall use an iterative process in this manual, that is loosely based on the RUP. The chosen filetype specifies the graphics format used for saving.

Include relationships are fine for breaking down the use case behaviors in to hierarchies. By default we assume one instance of an actor interacts with one instance of a use case. The most useful are the Package-centric default and Diagram-centric. The menu item Arrange allows you to align, group, or nudge argomul.

Welcome to ArgoUML

There is now a tool available which supports various dialects of XMI and their interconversion. To produce better designed products based on newer technology. Initially we just build a list of the alternate flows. After each action, your model is assessed and the “todo” panel on the bottom left is updated.

This is very like the extends relationship, but without the constraint of specific extension points at which the main use case may be extended, and with no condition on when the subsidiary use case may be used. As developers work hands-on with the design, their mental model of the problem situation improves, hence improving their design. A new project has been created, and is connected to the file FirstProject.


The second radio box allows selection between modeling arrays as new datatypes in their own right the default or as their base datatype with multiplicity. At present this includes use cases and actors.

Customers include people dlcumentation have accounts at the owning bank as well as people who wish to make withdrawals from accounts in other banks or from credit card accounts. These activities are known as use cases and the external agents are known as actors.

In certain circumstances, there is nothing to save, and this menuitem is downlighted.

Developers also read this list, so there’s a good chance to get qualified help. Add another interface with a different by repeating the last 2 steps. Depending on the contents of the design, we could also generate Unit test cases.

ArgoUML has various user documentatio configurations that can be set, through the Settings Some analysts like to place non-functional requirements in a section at the end of each use case specification, containing the non-functional requirements relevant to the use case. We then revisit the class diagram, sequence diagram and statechart diagram, to show how they can be used recursively to design the complete solution. Ctrl-A, which stands for the Select All function. This is some of the basic rules:.