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The hymn Ave Maris Stella (“Hail, Star of the Sea”) to the blessed Virgin is extremely old, both its words and melody going back many centuries. Monteverdi sets. Ave maris stella (Vespro della Beata Vergine). Claudio Monteverdi & Christina Pluhar & L’Arpeggiata. Show performers. COMPOSER: Claudio Monteverdi. Claudio Monteverdi. Ave maris stella, for soprano, tenor & chorus (from Vespro della Beata Vergine), SV / Composition Information ↓; Appears On ↓.

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Vespro della Beata Vergine Vespers of Composer: Quae est ista, quae consurgens ut aurora rutilat ut benedicam? Dic nam ista pulchra ut luna, electa ut sol, replet laetitia terras, coelos, maria?

Maria Virgo illa dulcis, praedicata de propheta Ezechiel porta Orientalis? Illa sacra et felix porta per quam mors fuit expulsa, introduxit autem vita? Quae semper tutum est medium inter homines et Deum, pro culpis remedium.

Omnes hanc ergo sequamur, qua cum gratia mereamur vitam aeternam consequamur. Praestet nobis Deus, Pater hoc et Filius, et Mater cuius nomen invocamus dulce miseris solamen. Benedicta es, virgo Maria, in saeculorum saecula. Hear, O heaven, my words full of longing and suffused with joy. I beseech you, tell me who is she that rises up, bright as the dawn, and I shall bless her. I shall tell you!

Say if this lady, lovely as the mon and glorious as the sun, fills with gladness the earth, heavens and seas. That sweet virgin Mary, foretold by the prophet Ezechiel, that eastern gate, Echo: Let us all therefore follow her, through whom we may with grace deserve to attain life everlasting.

May God the Father, and the Son, and the mother whose sweet name we invoke, grant solace to the afflicted. Blessed art thou, virgin Mary, for ever and ever. Dis-moi, je t’en prie: Je vais le dire! Monteversi will dir’s sagen! Gebenedeit bist du, Jungfrau Maria, in alle Ewigkeit.


Vespro della Beata Vergine (Claudio Monteverdi) – ChoralWiki

Ascolta, o Cielo, le mie parole, piene di desiderio e perfuse di gioia. Quella dolce Vergine Maria, ppredetta dal profeta Ezechiele come porta Orientale? Avanzi Dio per noi, questo Padre, e Filfio, e Madre il cui noome dolcemente invochiamo come conforto per i poveri.

Benedetta sei, Vergine Maria, nei secoli dei secoli. Original text and translations may be found at Psalm Original text and translations may be found at Ave maris stella. Original text and translations may be found at Magnificat. A4, pages, 1.

CPDL Alto choir 1 treble clef: CPDL Alto choir 1 alto clef: CPDL Alto choir 2 treble clef: CPDL Alto choir 2 alto clef: CPDL Bass choir 1: CPDL Bass choir 2: A full transcript of the print. The 6-part magnificat is included. For more information, especially on the instrumental parts, see the editorial report.

John Kilpatrick submitted Public Domain Edition notes: Complete performing edition including 7-part Magnificat but excluding 6-part alternative. Edition based on the part-books but in modern clefs and notation; barring by the editor, not taken from other editions. Continuo realization included Monteverdi’s bass plus mainly chordal right-hand; continuo requires organ; optional harpsichord suggestions given in short-score; some bassus generalis passages are also given to cello 1 or 2 or to trombone 3.

Instrumental parts included for all the psalms. Vocal Moonteverdi pages including coversfull Score in two parts nos. Philip Legge submitted Full score; vocal score, and parts also available. Steven Langley Guy submitted Vocal score, with bassus generalis part; full score, and parts also available. Revised 28 May to remove two unneeded cautionary sharps and to reduce file size. Parts; full score, and vocal score also available. Revised 28 May stellq include parts for alternate instruments different transpositions or clefs.

Sabine Cassola submitted Jorge Luis Gaete Calderon submitted Claude Tallet submitted MusicXML source file is in compressed. Version for TTT, down a fourth from the other version.


Baroque Notes – Monteverdi, Vespers of the Blessed Virgin

PDF may have some problems, use Scorch plugin to view Sibelius file. PDF may have some problems. Vespro della beata vergine – Amadino, Venice, 9. Gerd Eichler submitted Original key and note values. Usage of mensurstrich instead of bar lines.

Musica ficta clearly marked. Ilse Baltzer submitted Typeset by Sabine Cassola. Moriwaki Michio submitted Zipped PostScript file, look in score table for file. Joachim Kelecom submitted Offers opening and closing stanzas in plainchant, allowing for SATB performance.

Includes a full continuo realization and a keyboard reduction of the ritornello. All the original choral parts are present, but the instrumental parts including the ritornelli are omitted. The solo verses are accompanied by singers.

Alan Dergal Rautenberg submitted Letter, 40 pages, 2. Midi files contributed by Claude Tallet on Claudio Monteverdi Number of voices: Wikipedia article Original text and translations Original text and translations mrais be found at Deus in adjutorium.

Original text and translations may be found at Nigra sum sed formosa. Original text and translations may be found at Pulchra es. Original text and translations may be found at Duo seraphim. Montevrrdi from ” https: Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account.

Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 5 Decemberat Web page content is available under the CPDL copyright license ; please see individual editions for their copyright terms.

Ave maris stella, for soprano, tenor & chorus (from Vespro della Beata Vergine), SV 206/12

Privacy policy About ChoralWiki Disclaimers. English translation Hear, O heaven, my words full of longing and suffused with joy. Italian translation Ascolta, o Cielo, le mie parole, piene di desiderio e perfuse di gioia.