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This Pin was discovered by Brahma Kumaris. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Avyakt BapDada Live – 31/12/ अव्यक्त बापदादा LIVE – 31/12/ ( Monday Avyakt BapDada LIVE (English) – 31/12/ (PM to PM IST) . Avyakt Bapdada Murli 12 October By omshanti1 On October 12, ओम शान्ति अव्यक्त बापदादा मधुबन “सदा स्नेही के साथ.

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And use this thought to make yourself into the embodiment of that thought, and apply it to the service of others. Dadi, now in the UK, emphasises truth and honesty.

The more you create the weaker they are. You must practice these two: You would never have any waste thoughts for anyone, or for yourself; then what would be in your attitude? The one wastes your energy and the other creates energy.

This is also accumulated in the account of sin. What effort is required for you to achieve success in your thoughts?

That person may hurl an insult at you, but you transform it into a flower. Otherwise it is childishness. During this confluence age, each thought and each action, is invested in the bank for 21 avyak.

Think before you bapdzda In the time before having this knowledge it was said that you should perform actions only after having first thought about and considered them. The quality of intake of food or any other substance of great souls is always verified.

Past matters or attitudes must all be finished off; this is cleanliness. Any tired soul is unable to discern or to judge accurately.

They attribute it to gross matters, and cannot discern that they performed nurli sinful action. You should therefore consider small mistakes to be large.

Instead of having pure feelings and intentions toward any soul, through your karma including your relationships and connections, if any other sort of feeling arises, this is also accumulated in the account of sin, because this also is to give sorrow. You need to develop the power to merge all things into the One. Even though you may bapdadq wish it, you will definitely assign time to that.


BapDada Avyakt Murli 21-10-2018- Murli

Bapdada is saying that knowledgeable souls either develop arrogance of their own virtues, or their specialities, or else, as much as they move forward to that extent they see some deficiency, not in their own effort, but they see there is a deficiency in their name, honour, respect, being asked about, being moved forward, becoming a centre in charge, in service, in being given a special role.

To engender such weak thoughts means that you indulge in allowing the weak thought of self-doubt, and thus ensure that you will never become complete and perfect.

You head feels heavy. You will be able to inspire someone to do something through your thoughts. These three are special and unlimited tasks. Pure feelings are defined as powerful wvyakt.

The main actions are destruction and construction. This is why those created though these powerful thoughts are also powerful themselves. Intensify your concentration then all forms of instability and jurli will be finished off. You enjoy listening, it seems very deep to you, you become happy, you receive very good treasure, but you need greater practice in absorbing it, that is in becoming the embodiment of it. However if you wish to make a connection you must always have a clear line.

You need to understand in your intellect when you have to be a Master Creator and when you have to be a Master destroyer.

BapDada Avyakt Murli Murli – SSPS

Conquest of the mind means conquest over waste and negative thoughts. If you have waste thoughts running a lot, you should read the murli 2 or 4 times, and churn it. Have this much attention on your thought.

Destroy that thought as it arises; then eventually its root will perish. No evil spirit avgakt be able to appear in front of you. As is the thought, so is the world. At one moment to be constant in the contemplation of pure thought, the next moment to hold yourself steady in one thought; are you able to practice this easily? With the power of knowledge you will transform that thought.


This is to have the experience of going into great mruli as a result of one small incident. Would be wonderful if we produce a booklet of it.

Although Maya also comes to take your test as you move along, either in the form of thoughts, or in the form of dreams, yet as a soul with rights, you will not get confused because of being knowledgeful. When you accept a thought without first checking it, you get deceived.

Kamzori Se Chhutne Ki Vidhi – Avyakt BapDada Murli by Brahma Kumaris Official – Listen to music

As is the thought, so definitely would be the attitude. The Applications of Pure Thought The people of the world can get whatever they need done with an order. Put a Stop to Waste Thoughts If you cannot establish yourself in the form of a point afyakt, do not waste time trying to set yourself in that.

You must prepare for this. Always maintain this awareness that behind each thought of yours there is a connection with world benefit. Waste thought is occurring when you feel distressed, desperate, confined or at the end of your tether, or your happiness has disappeared, or your mind is sad all the time, your life has lost its joy, you have no taste for life.