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LibraryThing Review. User Review – nancynova – LibraryThing. Regency romance that’s a little different. Lily’s throat was injured in a childhood accident, making. Lady Lillian Walford Had The Look Of Perfection Yet a fateful flaw doomed her to a life of silence. And although Anthony Harbreas, the gallant. Lady Lillian Walford Had The Look Of PerfectionYet a fateful flaw doomed her to a life of silence. And although Anthony Harbreas, the gallant.

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For more help see the Common Knowledge help page. All in all, this book was much better than I thought it would be. It had often been said among those who should know that the Earl of Cardemore was not quite human, that suaan was, in fact, a devil who had managed to escape from Hell and take on a human form.

Too much going on, some without enough explanation. He’s immediately taken with her ethereal beauty, and it doesn’t matter to him in the least beguilec she can’t speak. I really fell for her myself, I just loved her! I was joking, of course, but I really did want to be a writer.

Susan Spencer Paul

They will be forgiven if he escorts Lily during the season, but Lilly isn’t to know. No tortured past to make him interesting and apart from being good-looking, I couldn’t really think why the heroine would fall in love with him.

Beguiled has been on my TBR list for a very long time. Of course, having a man dance attendance upon her, especially one as handsome as Anthony, makes her feel special in a way she never has. I put down that I would be a published author and have written the Great American Novel. Lily’s throat was injured in a childhood accident, making speech difficult. Anthony’s protectiveness of Lily started in that very moment and only grew each time he was around her. But the female protagonist’s psuedo-muteness makes for a much more convincing flaw than others to be found in the historical romance genre, so the ‘we-must-not-marry-I-am-unworthy’ thing is less obnoxious than usual.


She’s given up on ever marrying and having a normal life, but she still longs for just one season in London to experience what the city has to offer before settling into the rest of her life alone. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Beguiled Volume of Harlequin historicals. The reason for his staying away is just stupid and his inaction made him weak; one would think he would want to do more sjsan such a untenable situation than to wait and wait for n Like another reader had mentioned I actually enjoy the other pairs’ going ons than the main one.

No current Talk conversations about this susam. To the spenced ladies at The Book Rack in Arcadia, California, who have so kindly supported me over the years and kept my bookshelves at home well stocked, this novel is dedicated with all my thanks and appreciation. I applaud SSP’s talent, that she attempts and succeeds at fitting it all in.

Due to her vocal begyiled being damaged when she was younger, her voice comes out rough and raspy and painful. So why had the much—sought—after earl asked her to be his true—bound bride?

Beguiled by Susan Spencer Paul | LibraryThing

Three years, two finished manuscripts, and another baby later, Susan sold her first effort, a medieval novel titled The Vowto HarperPaperbacks. Even though they might have saved themselves a lot of grief in the long-run, their hearts were always in the right place in the moment.


Also, upon learning that her fiance is over the moon over another woman, Frances is apparently okay with this because she’s in love with another man, who ends up being Lillian’s mentor. Tricked by her brother into marriage with the lovely Lillian, Anthony was quick to realize his incredible luck. Loved the heroine and she alone was worth reading the book for. I enjoyed reading the story of Lily and Anthony. So readers get four romances for the price of one, although the latter two were only seen through the eyes of the main hero and heroine.

Things did get a bit convoluted at times, making me wish that the characters were being a little more honest and forthright.

Beguiled by Susan Spencer Paul – FictionDB

There weren’t a character I could like, except maybe for the heroine An although Anthony Harbreas, the gallant Earl of Gryadon, had showered her with his attention, Lillian knew she was fit to be no man’s wife.

Lily is a heroine who is both sweet and spunky.

Lily’s throat was injured in a childhood accident, making speech difficult. There definitely wasn’t enough of that one!