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Blood Bond (Dirty Blood, book 3) by Heather Hildenbrand – book cover, description, publication history. Blood Bond by Heather Hildenbrand, now you can read online. Chapter One. Wood Point Academy crawled with bodies. And even though they weren’t killer. Written by Heather Hildenbrand, narrated by Kelly Pruner. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

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Without hybrids, I could let go of the mentality of hunt or be hunted. Without hybrids, I wouldn’t have to be on guard that losing my temper meant losing my shape.

Blood Rule

There would be no monster inside me, struggling to get out. Ever since bonc reading book 1 of this series, I fell in love with obnd. Everything from the writing, to the characters really grabbed me! I have the kindle edition, paperbacks and now the audio of them all ;but I think the audios are by far the best!! Kelly Pruner really brings across Tara’s sass and kick assness brilliantly!! She makes the world the author created come alive.

Anyway, back to the story itself. So after the events of book 2, you’d think that Tara might get a break, but sadly not.

The Hybrids are coming after her even worse than ever, Wes and Alex are posturing more then ever too, George is going to become a monster if Tara doesn’t find a way to help him and Tara’s wolf side seems to be emerging! I don’t even know where to start with this book.

The books just keep getting better and better but the author really stepped up her game with this one. Right from the start, we are brought on one heck of a ride! There is so much going on and so many twists and turns, that it’s impossible to heeather down. I absolutely devoured it!!! We get some answers but we also get more questions added!.

Blood Bond Audiobook | Heather Hildenbrand |

The whole book just blew me away. Character wise, these are some of my favourites! Tara is such a kick ass and strong character, but during this one we see a more vulnerable side. She feels her wolf side getting stronger but is terrified to let it loose in case she becomes a monster. She struggles with it and it really made her grow as a character. His wolf is getting stronger and he knows that if it emerges, he will become a savage, unreasonable monster.


Tara is the only one who can save him, but at what cost? Wes is as awesome as always!

He is the perfect swoon worthy hero! All he wants is the best for Tara and will help her as much as he can. Alex, meanwhile is still awesome, but he definitely is holding something back. I really can’t wait to find out his secrets!!!! In all, this is a brilliant addition to an all ready amazing series!!! I really can’t recommend these books enough.

They have everything a hildenbarnd read should, action, adventure, romance but not a sickeningly sweet oneamazing characters and an author that knows how to tell a story.

If you haven’t tried hildenbrnad series, then you are missing out!! Seriously, go try it!! The first book is free!!!! So far this has been my favorite in the series. So many things are happening it had me on the edge of my seat.

Not only that, we see Tara evolve into a stronger character and her leadership skills come into play. I can’t tell you what’s going on here, but my heart There is a major cliffy at the end of this book and I was almost tempted to read it, but once you go audio, it’s hard to go back. Kelly Pruner has grown on me as a narrator.

Her performances for the characters again brings life to the story. I think I’m most excited to hear more of Cambria now since we have a bit more info she has a lot of room to play with her emotions. Since book one, her style has improved and so has the jeather.

Looking forward to the next book! I love the world Ms Hildenbrand build for the Dirty Blood series! I read the first two, so this was the first one I listened to. At first, I found the narrator a bit forceful, but I soon got used to her style. Her b,ood voice, particularly for the female characters, were amazing and diverse! The story itself is pretty intense and while it only covers a short period of time, a lot happens.


It was great to revisit familiar characters and fun to meet new ones.

Blood Bond (Dirty Blood, book 3) by Heather Hildenbrand

bind It was also pretty cool to hear some of the science behind everything. What did you love best about Blood Bond? It shows how much Tara has grown and that she is ready to take on her responsibilities. What was one of the most memorable moments of Blood Bond?

This narration is so much better than the first 2 books! If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be? Sometimes Blood Bond is not a good thing. Love this series so much i reread it few times already! This one ranks right up there with the other audiobooks that I have listened to. One of the best!

What did you like best about this story? I love the dynamics that the characters have! They have a bond whether they want one or not. Which scene was your favorite? I can’t pick just one. And if I did, it would give the book away. Was there a moment in the book that hildenbranc moved you?

Get it free with day trial. If I had to choose one word to sum up all of my problems, this would be jeather. Without hybrids, I wouldn’t have bnod watch my best friend slowly becoming a monster. Then again, without hybrids, I wouldn’t have Wesley St. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. No Reviews are Available. Most Helpful Most Recent. This series is amazing!!

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