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Find great deals for Cobra CPI Professional Watt Power Inverter. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Cobra CPI – DC to AC power inverter – kW overview and full product specs on CNET. Cobra CPI W Power Inverter. Brand: Cobra Electronics. |Model: CPI |Part # Converts 12 VDC battery power to VAC household.

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Login or Sign Up. We have a small system that gives power to our dock.

20 Most Recent Cobra CPI WATT, VOLT DC TO Questions & Answers – Fixya

It operates a few lights, our boat lift, occasionally a small vacuum etc. It was installed by a certified electrician, who is no longer in the area, just over 4 years ago. It has run without a hitch until last week we cut a 2×6 cbra a circular saw. Second time, saw would not work just squealed. Or maybe the inverter squealed. The lights will come on but nothing else will work.

Not the blower for the boat lift, the saw, the vacuum etc. We disconnected the batteries. One connection looked iffy so we replaced the connecter. We tried testing everything but we don’t know, or understand what we are looking at.

We purchased a new inverter but when we hooked it up it did the exact same thing and gives us an OCP code like the old one. Per the inverter manual OCP means Over temperature protection Hard to understand as we don’t understand how it could be over temperature when it has just been turned on.


I am sending the new inverter back on the off chance it’s bad.

There isn’t a electrician within two hours of here. We are trying to educate ourselves but really don’t know what to check next. I scanned through some of the posts on this forum to see if I could find an answer, but my head hurts from reading stuff I just don’t understand. Its like trying to understand a foreign language If someone could point us in the right direction it would be so appreciated Welcome I suspect the batteries are getting old and soft, and cannot meet the heavier loads anymore.

Not having the code book, I suspect the alarm you hear is the low battery alarm. When you replace them, use a pair of 6v ah golf cart batteries wired in series, they handle loads better. Originally posted by Mike View Post. Welcome When you replace them, use a pair of 6v ah golf cart batteries wired in series, they handle loads better.

Originally posted by inetdog View Post.

Your browser security needs to be updated

The manual is pretty clear that OCP is the over temperature alarm. It also has this comment: So it would not be surprising for the first inverter to not turn back on immediately, but I have no explanation for the error on the new one, first time the load was connected.

cobrw I suppose it is possible that the programmer made a mistake and the OCP code is also shown for some other obscure error condition. But overcurrent and low battery are definitely different codes.

Anything in particular that we should test? Thank you so much for your help. Ozark two things are biting you in the butt. To small of a battery for the inverter.


You can get away with with it when the battery is fully charged, run the inverter near full power for a short amount of time, and the sun is out shinning to supplement the battery. Running a Inverter at full power for extended period of time on small cables. The two will compound and cause exactly what you are seeing. If you need to run a small battery which it sounds like that is the case for your intermittent use, you need to consider using AGM batteries and be very selective which manufacture and size you use.

Example lets say the inverter needs to run a watt load at 12 volts for 15 minutes. You are going to want to use at least a watt Inverter which is really large for 12 volts but let’s run with it. A wat Inverter requires amps 12 volts. Don’t have a heart attack when you click the link.

The Concorde HT has an internal resistance of.

At amps the voltage will only sag to x. Originally posted by Sunking View Post. Last edited cobrs Ozark Mountain Gal ; Well, you got 4 years, which is good, just get 2 more of the same, and wire as before, and repeat in 4 more years.

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