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xsltproc and libxslt are not specifically dependant on DocBook, but since a lot of people use xsltproc and libxml2 for DocBook formatting, here are a few pointers. The docbook-html5 project is a set of XSLT stylesheets for transforming DocBook 5 Examples given here use xsltproc, an open source cross-platform XSLT. Reason: missing introduction (Discuss in Talk:DocBook#) xsltproc /usr/share/ xml/docbook/$(pacman -Q docbook-xsl | cut -d ‘ ‘ -f 2 | cut -d ‘-‘ -f.

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The default value is 1. Multiple chunked HTML files. It reports on the Java environment and the version of Xalan. There may be several saxon jar files there, labeled by the version number of Saxon. Installing an XSLT processor. Then try xsltproc -version to see if it reports the new version number.

If you need to specify two or more key words for one profiling attribute, you can put them in the parameter separated by semicolons but no spaces.

Saxon-SA 8 This is the commercial version of Saxon 8. You will know it is working if you can execute the following command in a Command shell to list the version information:. Installing xsltproc on Windows. Then commands such as these should work:. You will not need saxon-fop. You can select only the packages you need. You can put any Saxon options such as -o before the document filename.

It accepts the same profiling parameters as the single-pass profiling stylesheets. To use any of the extensions, set the use.

Install xsltproc and FOP to generate a PDF from a docbook document |

That compiler is generally available on all Linux distributions, and is also available for many Unix systems. Then the new Xalan will be used in place of the built-in Xalan that comes with Java 1. Switching all cross references to use olink would permit you to use single-pass processing. You probably will not want the latest experimental version. There is a version of xsltproc for Cygwin. Default value is zero. Currently Saxon is available in four packages:.


Customization methods Customization layer Writing a customization layer Using a customization layer Customizing both HTML and FO Using catalogs with customizations Setting parameters Attribute sets Completing placeholder templates Generating new templates Generated text Default generated text Customizing generated text Replacing templates Finding the right template Import precedence Passing parameters Utility templates and modes Adding new templates Formatting determined by attribute value Adding processing steps Handling new elements Template selection rules Processing instructions Customizing DocBook 5 XSL DocBook 5 customization details Annotations customization Chapter Saxon is distributed as a zip file, so you need to unzip it into some suitable location.

If you are using more than one profiling attribute, you will need to set a parameter for each one. The DocBook Saxon and Xalan extensions are not enabled by default. Once you have done that, then you execute the java command as follows. Bypassing the old Xalan installed with Java.

Install xsltproc and FOP to generate a PDF from a docbook document

Not used for print output. If you get a Command Not Found error message, then you need to find where xsltproc is installed and add that location to your PATH environment variable. The possible options are listed at http: Use the one closest to your Saxon version number. If you get Command not found then you may not have Java installed on the system, or it may not be in your PATH environment variable.

If you are profiling on the xsltprpc attribute, then you would set the profile. If you are not xsltprod any of these features in your documents, then you have no need to turn on the extensions.

Cross references Cross references within a document Linking from other elements Options for generated xref text Cross references between documents Linking to websites Breaking long URLs DocBook 5 cross references Customizing cross references Customizing with an xrefstyle attribute Modifying gentext templates Customizing cross reference behavior Customizing cross reference typography Specialized cross references Chapter The bin directory in the directory you unpacked Xalan into will contain the three files you need: Set it to 1 to use any of these extensions.


The profiling stylesheets perform the normal DocBook XSL processing after doing the profiling step to select the content to process.

That includes Saxon, Xalan, and xsltproc. Once you have gcc set up, download and unpack the latest xsltproc source archives from http: That page also describes how to install the files and use xsltproc on Windows. By default, the profiling stylesheets will output all elements, whether they are marked with profiling attributes or not.

It is pretty easy to compile xslproc if you use the GNU compiler. Bibliographies Bibliography entries Bibliography database Bibliography database catalog entry Citing bibliographic entries Numbered bibliography entries Sorting a bibliography Customizing bibliography output ISO bibliography standard Bibliography title RefDB bibliographic database Chapter You might need to search the Internet to find one for your system if it does not already have one.

It runs on any Java-capable system, and provides opportunities for adding extensions. On Windows, use the Control Panel to open the System icon, where you can set environment variables for Windows.

This requires two separate XSLT processes run in sequence. Setting up the tools Chapter 1. Adjusts the widths of table columns to better match the CALS table specifications.

Using the Xerces parser with Saxon. You will see information for installing Cygwin over the Internet. Glossary database Glossary database catalog entry Links in a glossary collection Glossary sorting Chapter In order for the command to find all the Java code it needs, you must add the Java. Any for which you do not will have all versions included in the output, which is probably not what you want.