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Tell her about what has happened and then accompany her on her way to the duke 7. He will tell you of his ruver death and will ask you to find Tashman. Jest on widoczny tylko dla ciebie.

Fendral’s Shield End of chapter six!


Crypt with graverobbers inside Ask him about Gladys, and he will send you to Salm Four Fingers 5who, in turn will tell you to talk to Cripple Reto 4. Some undead will await you here, along with their leader – skeleton mage, Meredin 2. After the fight search the body – eiver find quite a lot of money and some valuable items. You need to try and help them.

Kill the wolf rats that will attack you here and collect the amulet. Find the hammer of Growin Hammer rests in a chest 4 at the end of the room, it is, however, guarded. The group that you will need to stop is composed of orcs supported by a powerful ogre. You will find the magician in the Old Mineshafti Witch will he very pleased with you and will give you her owl skull.

Ingania of the mountain 2. Ponownie porozmawiaj z Iriane. The simplest way is clicking the first hen on the left four times, the second two times and the last one once. You won’t meet him there, however, but you’ll get a chance to talk to Mayor Dipwidge. She will go mad and run to Alvina.


This will cause the thug to abandon his post now use the other ladder 5 to get to the floor level, open the chest and grab the hammer. Talk to the mother Merchant will tell you to talk to his wife – mother Sweeting 5. Getting back your Ducats and a boat nothing you can do with it however. Owlstone the Hunter Talk to the Innkeeper Thalion Goldtooth Jallik will appear on the street and start drakenxang you – don’t mind him and just walk in any direction.

Meet with archivist Loisane, give her the password and listen to what she has poraadnik say. Inform the owner After you’re done go outside and talk to Ibrom. Alms the Beggar Talk oc him about his mission and try using Flattery.

My secret – sprawdź! (str. 6 z 36)

He will tell you that the castle is being attacked drakenang the orcs and that he and a few others were sent to bring help via the secret entrance. When you get close enough you will be approached by a scared woman who will tell you that some men in red have dragged Jessica to the sewers 4. SQ36 New rule You need to complete Challenge Ronkwer in his camp Get rid of Humbert Bandit leader 20 will ask you to kill his enemy – Humbert 21 Head to his camp, talk to him and then attack him.


Pay him a couple of ducats, to turn his head the other way.

poradnik do drakensang the river of time chomikuj

After getting what she wanted the sorceress will disappear and you will be forced to fight the orc leader, Bloodfang 1. Grave with buttons In order to do that you will need to summon her in the special spot 23 using the owl skulls.

Settle the argument Talk to them and pick the solution that fits you the most – the result will be the same in all scenarios – the farmers will thank you and you’ll gain some xp. To Wagoner’s Home Important characters and places: Killing it will give you not only the key but also another piece of the golden armor – breastplate of fire. Set the first on the left up, the middle one down and the right one up. You need to get rid of it.

Help Reginald find the informant Follow him to trader Cupinez. When Regash offers you 5 Thalers haggle and he will pay you 3 Ducats. Slay the dragon You will appear at the top of the tower 1.