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A summary of Book I, Cantos i & ii in Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene. One of the sprites obtains a false dream from Morpheus, the god of sleep; the other Redcrosse is the hero of Book I, and in the beginning of Canto i, he is called. The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spenser – Book 1, Canto 1 summary and analysis. The Faerie Queene is an English epic poem by Edmund Spenser. Books I to III were first published in , and then republished in together with books IV to VI. The Faerie Queene is notable for its form: it is one of the longest poems in . The Redcrosse Knight, hero of Book I. Introduced in the first canto of the poem, .

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Spenser notes this differentiation in his letter to Raleigh, noting “a Historiographer discourseth of affairs orderly as they were done…but a Poet thrusteth edmud the midst…and maketh a pleasing Analysis of all”. Unfortunately, when they emerge from the castle Scudamore is gone. Book 3, Canto 7. Eventually he confesses his feelings to his mother, and she pleads with Neptune to have the girl released, which the god grants.

On 25 Februarythe Queen gave him a pension of fifty pounds per year. Book 1, Canto 7.

In his Prophetiae Merlini “Prophecies of Merlin”Geoffrey’s Merlin proclaims that the Saxons will rule over the Britons until the “Boar of Cornwall” Arthur again restores them to their rightful place as rulers.

Presented as a preface to the epic in most published editions, this letter outlines plans for twenty-four books: The reader discovers that Amoret was abducted by a savage man and is imprisoned in his cave. Book 2, Canto 6. Britomart alone is able to rescue Amoret from the wizard Busirane. Book 3, Canto 1.


The Red Cross Knight is riding across the plain wearing borrowed armor that doesn’t quite fit him and bears marks of battles he has not yet seen with the Lady Una wearing white but covered with a black veil boo, leading a white lamb and a dwarf.

The Faerie Queene – Book 1, Canto 1 Summary & Analysis

Book 4, Canto 4. Numerous adaptations in the form of children’s literature have been made — the work was a popular choice in the 19th and early 20th century with over 20 different versions written, with the earliest being E. Though it praises her in some ways, The Faerie Queene questions Elizabeth’s ability to rule so effectively because of her gender, and also inscribes the “shortcomings” of her rule.

This character is told that her destiny is to be an “immortal womb” — to have children. Now only Elizabeth Regina. Book IVdespite its title “The Legend of Cambell and Telamond or Of Danto, Cambell’s companion in Book IV is actually named Triamond, and the plot does not center on their friendship; the two men appear only briefly in the story.

During his initial encounter with Arthur, Turpine “hides behind his retainers, chooses ambush from behind instead of direct combat, and cowers edmjnd his wife, who covers him with her voluminous skirt”. Some literary works sacrifice historical context to archetypal myth, reducing poetry to Biblical quests, whereas Spenser reinforces the actuality of his story by adhering to archetypal patterns.

Meanwhile, Una overcomes peril, meets Arthur, and finally finds the Redcrosse Knight and rescues him from his capture, from Duessa, and from Despair.

The Faerie Queene – Wikipedia

First, Scudamore is convinced by the hag Ate discord that Britomart has run off with Amoret and becomes jealous. Over two thousand stanzas were written for the Faerie Queene.

In Spenser’s “Letter of the Authors”, he states that the entire epic poem is “cloudily enwrapped in Allegorical devises”, and the aim of publishing The Faerie Queene was to “fashion a gentleman or noble person in vertuous and gentle discipline”.


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Fox and tells about his deeds. Britomart separates from them and meets Sir Scudamore, looking for his captured lady Amoret. Book 6, Canto 3. Using the Salvage Man as an example, Spenser demonstrated that “ungainly appearances do not disqualify one from noble birth”. The Faerie Queene spesner written during the Reformation, a time of religious and political controversy.

The Faerie Queene – Book 1, Canto 1 Summary & Analysis

Even so, poetical history of this kind is not myth; rather, it “consists of unique, if partially imaginary, events recorded in chronological order”. Book 5, Canto 3. One day Amoret darts out past the savage and is rescued from him by the squire Timias and Belphoebe. Book 2, Canto 1. The knight strikes out into a dark, creepy den, despite Una’s warning to take his time and be careful, for they are in the Spensfr of Error, a monstrous half-woman Book 3, Canto 8.

In Elizabethan England, no subject was more familiar to writers than theology. Book 1, Canto 5. This led to a significant decrease in Elizabeth’s support for the poem. This could be either his friend Lodowick Bryskett or his long deceased Italian model Ludovico Ariosto, whom he praises in “Letter to Raleigh”.

Book 5, Canto 5.

Book 4, Canto 5. Book 2, Canto 8. Through their ancestor, Owen Tudorthe Tudors had Welsh blood, through which they claimed to be descendants of Arthur and rightful rulers of Britain. The weather threatens to turn nasty, so the party seeks shelter in a nearby wood. Book 6, Canto 7. Quedne 3, Canto 6.