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dewiki Mpemba-Effekt; elwiki Φαινόμενο Mpemba; enwiki Mpemba effect; eowiki Mpemba-efiko; eswiki Efecto Mpemba; etwiki Mpemba efekt; fawiki اثر امپمبا. Erasto Mpemba, a los 13 descubrió el efecto como consecuencia de una tarea, en Iringa, Tanzania, más adelante comprobó su teoría en El efecto Mpemba segun Nikola Bregovic – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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The Mpemba effect efcto a process in which hot water can freeze faster than cold water. The phenomenon is temperature-dependent. There is disagreement about the parameters required efefto produce the effect and about its theoretical basis. The Mpemba effect is named after Erasto Batholomeo Mpemba b. There were preceding ancient accounts of similar phenomena, but lacking sufficient detail to attempt verification.

The phenomenon, when taken to mean “hot water freezes faster than cold”, is difficult to reproduce or confirm because this statement is ill-defined.

Researchers claim to have discovered why warm water freezes faster than cooler water

There exists a set of initial parameters, and a pair of temperatures, such that given two bodies of water identical in these parameters, and differing only in initial uniform temperatures, the hot one will freeze sooner. With the above definition there are simple ways in which the effect might be observed: For example, if the hotter temperature melts the frost on a cooling surface and thus increases the thermal conductivity between the cooling surface and the water container.

Various effects of heat on the freezing efwcto water were described by ancient scientists such as Aristotle: Hence many people, when they want to cool water quickly, begin by putting it in the sun. So the inhabitants of Pontus when they encamp on the ice to fish they cut a hole in the efefto and then fish pour warm water round their reeds that it may freeze the quicker, for they use the ice like lead to fix the reeds.

Early modern scientists such as Francis Bacon noted that, “slightly tepid water freezes more easily than that which is utterly cold. The Scottish scientist Joseph Black investigated a special case of this phenomenon comparing previously-boiled with unboiled water; [8] the previously-boiled water froze more quickly.

Evaporation was controlled for.

Mpemba effect

He discussed the influence of stirring on the results of the experiment, noting that stirring the unboiled water led to it freezing at the same time as the previously-boiled water, and also noted efeecto stirring the very-cold unboiled water led to immediate freezing.

Joseph Black then discussed Fahrenheit’s description of supercooling of water although the term supercooling had not then been coinedarguing, in modern terms, that the previously-boiled water could not be as readily supercooled. Kell had an article published in the American Journal of Physics describing the effect of warm water freezing more rapidly than cool after observations based on washing cars in winter and pouring ice rinks [9].


An experiment using two Dewar Flaskseach heated to different temperatures and left out on a sub-freezing day, yielded results consistent with the hypothesis that hot water cools faster. From experimental data Kell determined that this effect was beyond the scope of Newtonian cooling and attributed the higher rate of temperature loss mpemmba water at sufficiently high temperatures as being the result of evaporation. The effect is named after Tanzanian Erasto Mpemba. He described it in in Form 3 of Magamba Secondary School, Tanganyikawhen freezing ice cream mix that was hot in cookery classes and noticing that it froze before the cold mix.

The headmaster invited Dr.

Osborne from the University College in Dar es Salaam to give a lecture on physics. After initial consternation, Osborne experimented on the issue back at his workplace and confirmed Mpemba’s finding. They published the results together inwhile Mpemba was studying at the College of African Wildlife Management. They ruled out loss of liquid volume by evaporation as a significant factor and the effect of dissolved air.

In their setup most heat loss was found to be from the liquid surface. David Auerbach describes an effect that he observed in samples in glass beakers placed into a liquid cooling bath. Considerable random variation was observed in the time required for spontaneous freezing to start and in some cases this resulted in the water which started off hotter partially freezing first. James Brownridge, a radiation safety officer at the State University of New Yorkhas said that he believes that supercooling is involved.

They noted that the large difference originally claimed had not been replicated, and that studies showing a small effect could be influenced by variations in the positioning of thermometers.

They say, “We conclude, somewhat sadly, that there is no evidence to support meaningful observations of the Mpemba effect”. However, intwo research groups independently and simultaneously found theoretical evidence of the Mpemba effect and also predicted a new “inverse” Mpemba effect in which heating a cooled, far-from-equilibrium system takes less time than another system that is initially closer to equilibrium.

Lu and Raz [15] yield a general criterion based on Markovian statistical mechanics, predicting the appearance of the inverse Mpemba effect in the Ising model and diffusion dynamics. Lasanta and co-workers [16] predict also the direct and inverse Mpemba effects for a granular gas in a far-from-equilibrium initial state.


In this last work, it is suggested that a very generic mechanism leading to both Mpemba effects is due to a particle velocity distribution function that significantly deviates from the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution. A reviewer for Physics World writes, “Even if the Mpemba effect is real — if hot water can sometimes freeze more quickly than cold — it is not clear whether the explanation would be trivial or illuminating. The required vast multidimensional array of experiments might explain why the effect is not yet understood.

Inthe Royal Society of Chemistry held a competition calling for papers offering explanations to the Mpemba effect. Tao and co-workers proposed yet another possible explanation in On the basis of results from vibrational spectroscopy and mpemva with density functional theory -optimized water clusters, they suggest that the reason might lie in the vast diversity and peculiar occurrence of different hydrogen bonds. Their key argument is that the number efeto strong hydrogen bonds increases as temperature is elevated.

The existence of the small strongly-bonded clusters facilitates in turn the nucleation of hexagonal ice when warm water is rapidly cooled down. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Researchers claim to have discovered why warm water freezes faster than cooler water

Hot water does not cool more quickly than cold”. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation.

Does hot water freeze first? Physics Worldpp.

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