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Click onto any of the links below to access clear and informative printout material about organic farming and its benefits for the EU. Product card “What makes an. Banner “Apple”(3 MB) (pdf, MB); Banner “Cow”(3 MB) (pdf, MB); Banner “ Pears”(3 MB) (pdf, MB); Banner “Wheat”(3 MB) (pdf, MB); Banner. Organic farming · What is organic farming? Producing organic · On the organic food · On the organic farm · International trade in organics · Organic certification.

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The dissertation aim is to assess the significance of the determinants of organic farming to its development ikininkavimas the respondents are classified by priority of their activity. This has been achieved ukininkqvimas the analysis of trends and perspectives of the system theory, organic farming, sustainable development of agriculture, rural development, protection of the environment, food quality and safety and the motivation theory while identifying the determinants of organic farming, and through the analysis of empiric models and their applicability in the context of Lithuania.

Žaliojo diplomo ūkiai

The dissertation provides with new knowledge about organic farming and enables to assess the factors of organic farming more systematically than before, the research results could be a basis for the rational policy-making in the development of organic agriculture in a narrow sense and sustainable agriculture in a broad sense in Lithuania and other new countries of the European Union, and provide with new knowledge the farmers, especially those who are preparing to make the strategic decisions Determinants of organic farming.


The goals of the thesis are as follows: The soil of the organic farm of the Agro-ecological Centre of the Lithuanian University of Agriculture and spring barley grown therein constitute fall within the scope of the thesis.

Research of the effect of certified phosphatic fertilizers on the electrochemical parameters of the soil in the organic farm of the Agro-ecological Centre of the Lithuanian University of Agriculture shows that application of the standard P60 bone meal resulted in a considerable increase of the pH value of the soil, as compared to unfertilized soil or use of the standard P90 and P The analysis of the values of soil conductivity before application of phosphatic fertilizers in spring and after reaping of spring barley reveals that the values of soil conductivity decreased to a remarkable extent.

After testing of soil conductivity in autumn after use of phosphatic fertilizers it was established that soil conductivity, as compared to the soil samples taken after reaping of spring barley, considerably increased, however, testing shows no Ecology and Environmental Studies.

In in the centre of Agro-ecology and Biotechnology at Aleksandras Stulginskis University of Agriculture the research was carried out to investigate the effectiveness of biological preparation on organic winter wheat.


The germination energy and viability of the grain were recorded after 24, and hours after having treated them with biological preparation. The level of fungi contamination was measured after the periods of 24 and hours.

Želsvelės ekologinis ūkis, ŽŪB

The germination energy level, in comparison with It was written in Ulininkavimas language. The aim of the research — to analyze and evaluate the significance of sustainable farming on the landscape.

Tasks that were solved: Features of the sustainable farming were analyzed and summarized; 2. The influence of the landscape upon sustainable farming was showed; 3.

In the work scientific researches related with the sustainable farming development processes were summarized, which stimulate organic farming and protect the landscape itself. The survey results show the significantly increasing number of farms of organic farming in the transition period of Although ukininkavimad number of organic farms began to decline, the certified organic area continues to grow.

The study revealed that farmers would like to receive larger motivating benefits for the efficient organic production. They also recognize that Protection of the environment.