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Configuration and troubleshooting of early watch alert in solman . I want to configure EWA in solution Manager , can you pls post step. How to configure Early Watch Alert (EWA) in SAP Solution manager To configure EWA some specific settings to be done at managing system (Solution system) and SAP Solution Manager post installation steps. Run all the necessary steps so that we are able to generate ewa report. 1. Setup RFC connection between solution manager and SAP service marketplace for various clients and have experience with Solution manger and SP

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Sap Service Sap Consultant.

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SAP Solution Manager 7. You are not able to create an Earlywatch Alert in Solution Manager 7. The available documentation is specific to Solution Manager 7. Confiuration direction is needed for troubleshooting EarlyWatch Alert issues. This KBA is broken into the following logical sections: The RFC must test okay.

How to configure Early Watch Alert (EWA) in SAP Solution manager

Step 3 – Connect managed system. They solmna also be created manually, but should conform to the naming standards. Schedule for a time that will allow it to complete prior to SM: In Solution Manager 7. If the Managed system Configuration has not been performed, then perform the Managed System Configuration.


If the Managed System configuration had been performed, but the EWA is not configuredcheck these steps status, and re-execute them as necessary. Also address any steps that may have somlan that can be addressed. Step 1 — Select Product. Step 4 – Assign Diagnostic Agent.

Alternate navigation is via the Solution Manager Administration tab. The Icon is of an hour glass indicates the EWA is scheduled and waiting for the Managed system to provide the collected data.

If there is an issue on the managed system unable to obtain session information for Solman, successfully process the data collection task, or unable send the SDCCN session data back to Solution Manager the day the EWA is scheduled, the session will be red flagged to indicate the session data is overdue. Processing the Session with job SM: Sessions that remain in this state may be because SM: You may have need to confoguration and reprocess an EWA Service Session, in that event refer to wiki page Ho w to reset and reprocess a service session.

Once it processes the session successfully the EWA will be processed and rated, and if configured, emailed. The setup up is virtually identical as in 7. Ad Hoc EarlyWatch Alerts. Once the Business Object system is correctly defined in the system landscape and the Diagnostic Agent and Wily have been setup, then the EWA can be scheduled. Confiugration Rated EWA reports: Data may be missing because some prerequisite or required step was not performed, so they should be reviewed and also the managed system configuration may not be complete or even performed.

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1907383 – How to setup and troubleshoot EarlyWatch Alert reports in SAP Solution Manager

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Create EarlyWatch Alert in solution manager – SAP Solution Manager Setup – SCN Wiki

Gray Rating of an Alert Based Session. EWA not generated – session data is overdue red flag status. Status Put in Solution. EarlyWatch Alert Red Flagged.

Ad Hoc for Non Abap systsmes. The EWA workflow – a closer loo.