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For Matrimonial Purposes [Kavita Daswani] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Anju wants a husband. Equally important, her entire family. Buy *For Matrimonial Purposes* online, For Matrimonial Purposes Kavita Daswani Plume Paperback pages. June rated 4 1/2 of 5 possible stars . Spirited, elegant, fun, with an enchanting authorial voice, For Matrimonial Purposes – a first novel which was the subject of a fierce international auction – is a.

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But for her family and friends back in India, all her success pales against her unmarried status. Tapi ketika kita meneri Setelah begitu rumitnya perjalanan mencari suami bukan cinta yasetelah beberapa pria yang singgah, setelah beratnya beban menjadi perempuan di pertengahan tiga puluhan yang belum menikah, bagaimana akhir kisah Anju?

Sometimes, she seemed to hate India, seemed to want to be an independent, modern Western woman who drank cosmopolitans at cocktail parties and wore stylish designer clothes. Daswani’s effervescent handling of a classic plot is perfect for the hectic summer wedding season.

She’s had her birth chart read, her destiny foretold. Nov 25, Sharon rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Throughout the story, word imagery is excellently wielded to maximum impact with minimum fuss, and the result is a story which is simple, serene and yet serious.

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A great book to read if you are looking to read a different culture perspective. I didn’t hate the characters; I just couldn’t care less about them.

For Matrimonial Purposes — book review

Or at least the search for a prospective bridegroom should begin. All the married Indian girls do not work and the only worry they have matrimoniap from where to hire the third maid. The feminist in me was cringing while reading this book. Burdened under the escalating feelings of having brought pain and disappointment to her family, increasingly alienated from married friends and crushed and disappointed in her own right, Anju somehow manages to persuade her parents to dasaani her go to New York for further studies.


For Matrimonial Purposes by Kavita Daswani

Don’t expect this novel tells a romantic story between the main character with someone. Ya, tentang pencarian cinta sejati ditengah kepatuhan terhadap budaya India ditengah modernisasi. It should not be surprising that this protagonist hesitates to break with her religion and her heritage, despite sensing something is amiss with the expectations placed upon her.

Anju isn’t just “Indian” – she’s about as representative of Indian women as Paris Hilton is of an American woman – and it’s rather irritating to have reviewers call the book “Bridget Jones’s diary with a distinct Indian flavor” Library journal, emphasis mine or “matchmaking Indian-style collides with love American style” Publishers weekly. Seriously keep your political agenda to yourself when writing a novel. Okay, I can’t defend the chick lit part.

She has not been encouraged to become a fully realized person and therefore is waiting for her other half, who will define her existence by setting the boundaries of what her life will be. Plain boring, uninteresting chick-lit.

Anju was okay as a character, but her motivations and development made little sense. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The end felt rushed, and just as Anju is beginning to broaden her horizons, beginning to grow and change and adapt to non-conservative, non-traditional ideas view spoiler [her would-be boyfriend proposes to her after all, hide spoiler ] defeating the whole point of the last ten pages of the story and negating half of Anju’s character growth.

Saya baru tahu budaya India sepeti itu kalau nyari jodoh. But Anju is not American. Despite being a disappointment, Anju is not unloved and does not want to alienate her family by cutting all ties with her heritage and her customs. She si Very quick, easy-read, but the main character, Anju, got on my last nerves.

Tapi tuntutan keluarga membuatnya menjadi khawatir akan masa depannya kelak. There were some moments where I wanted to smack the heroine, but-objectively, at least- I know that her actions were motivated by a different cultural upbringing than my own.


Lists with This Book. And this connection is what Daswani makes work for her in For Matrimonial Purposes.


But it could be argued that not accustomed to having a voice or at least not confident enough to always use itAnju fr using fashion to communicate her values and her inner life to others. Consider this gem on p. Return to Book Page. Kultur hidup di India yang ternyata menganut paham di atas 30 tahun wanita semestinya sudah menikah bahkan punya anak, membuat Anju semakin disudutkan.

Just like the title, this novel turns out to be truly a struggle for Daxwani looking for a husband who always fails.

In fact, I liked the sense of humour in the book quite matrimlnial bit. She lived in Hong Kong before purposs to Los Angeles. In her books, we see how young Indian girls are trying to break away from their tradition in pursuit of their dreams.

Kata orang hal seperti itu ditakdirkan First and foremost, he has to be Indian. Saya ragu, mungkin kisah Anju adalah pengalaman nyata penulis? The overall take-away is that this is a completely worthwhile book that I would recommend to almost anyone.

She’s allowed her mother to drag her to every swami, fortune teller, and holy man she can find. But, when opportunity presents itself, she turns it matrimlnial. This novel is quite unique, even though it’s not really good. Chick lit should be, at heart, fun. For all of our supposed independence, isn’t our culture just as marriage happy, just as eager to be one half of a whole?

This book has a wonderful build up but ends too quickly. And it’s not Anju’s fault.