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Ge VAT Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Ge VAT Instruction Manual. View and Download GE VAT instruction manual online. AC SPEED CONTROL EQUIPMENT. VAT Controller pdf manual download. GE’s distributor or our sales representatives who will be willing to help you. Please keep GE’s inverters are all passed the function test before delivery. Please.

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Available from 0,4 to kW.

VAT O pe n collecto r M ax. Sensor mode uses a encoder fited on motor shaft to feedback the real motor speed. Sensor Vector Control Reference: Parameter block B02 Accurate motor data setting is required in Vector control.

Autotuning do this automatically. Parameter block B02 p R1: Only required static test Mode 2: Basic Tuning for Vector Control. Extended Tuning for Vector Control.


VAT GE Power Control AC Speed Control VATU2KX07K5s

Extended tuning for Vector Cnt. Freque ncy B 0 VAT drives larger than to 7.

Output Speed or Frequency X: Speed setting or Frequency A: Ratio Interlock p Ratio Interlock function varies the ratio of speed setting and motor speed. When inverse, or other than 1: Keypad Port Serial communications are also possible by: Speed selection p p Bynary: Either binary or direct ramp selection are possible P ro gra m freq u e ncy – 2 B var2000 -2 B 4 p p Binary: Drive Parameter control mode: Light duty allows the drive to be used for one vat200 bigger motor.

Maximum overload allowed in CT: Light Duty applications VT: Maximum overload allowed in VT: Provides up to 10 programmable re-tries with programmable time between tries Active after operating any of the following protections: Useful to avoid loss of va2t000 because of unexpected drive trip.

Output ferrite choke also may be installed in the motor power cables p Install the inverter in a metallic earthed cabinet. Phase conductors only pass through output ferrite ring, Not earth conductor p It is important that the lead length from filter to inverter and unscreened length of motor output cable be kept as short as possible.


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