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Urdu Version: Hisn-e-Haseen is a compilation of the supplications of the Holy Prophet (SaW) written by a well-known scholar of Ahadeeth, ‘Allama Muhammad . Bait-ul-Quran Urdu Bazar Karachi Idara Tul Ma’arif, Darul Uloom Translation of the Khutbah of Al-Hisnul Hasin and the. Object of Compilation vo. The book Hisn e Haseen Urdu is an Urdu translation of famous Arabic book of Imam Jazari. He was a renowned scholar. The book contains.

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The original work is in Arabic and was translated later in different languages.

Hisn – e – Haseen – Urdu Translation |

Maulana Muhammad Idris Merathi Hasern. The book is very useful for the common Muslims from a practical point of view. The book is very easy for a layman to consult without any difficulty or to find a particular dua for any occasion. Your Basket Your basket is empty.


Hisn-E-Haseen – Urdu Subtitle: Arabic Text with Urdu Translation By: Allama Muhammad bin Al-Jazri Ra. Customer Reviews This product hasn’t been reviewed ursu. Featured Product Sword of Allah: Quran Arabic Hafzi Ref.

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