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This manual contains information for the monochrome HP DesignJet plotters, C and C Plus plotters and the color HP DesignJet CM printers. View and Download HP Designjet cm user manual online. HP Designjet cm: User Guide. Designjet cm Printer pdf manual download. Also for: c. View and Download HP CM user manual online. HP DesignJet CM Printer User’s guide. CM Printer pdf manual download.

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PageMaker are trademarks the instruction manual in order of Adobe Systems to protect against damage to Hewlett-Packard assumes no All rights are reserved.

No part Incorporated which may be the product. The Quick Reference Guide Contains: Some information that you are most likely to need on a day-to-day basis. For example, the front-panel menu structure and media-type selections. It is stored in the pocket at the back of the printer. Five Important Points about Media Types. Locating the Source dessignjet the Problem Colors Your printer uses a set of four disposable print cartridges containing yellow, cyan, magenta and black inks.

A large variety of media types are supported: Welcome Software Applications and Drivers To make sure that your printer prints exactly what you were expecting — in terms of size, position, orientation, color and quality — the key is to use the correct driver for the combination deeignjet your application software and your printer, and to be confident that it is configured correctly.

Welcome Connections Your printer comes with an HP JetDirect network interface card, for LAN connections, as well as serial and parallel interfaces for a direct connection to your computer. Memory Your printer comes with a memory of 75 Megabytes 3 Megabytes of internal memory and 72 Megabytes of usable memory. You are experienced at installing printers.

Designjet CM 36″ A0 Printer – Model B

You are going to use roll media and print in color. You know whether to connect the printer directly to your computer or to a network and whether to use the serial or parallel interface, and you already have the right cable. Now you can set up the printer, using the checklist below as you complete each task explained in this chapter.

Check that you have all the items required. Setting Up the Printer Task 1: Power cord The power cord supplied with your printer should meet the plug requirements for your area. Setting up the printer Task 1: Check that you have all the items required Inspect the printer itself and the above accessories. If you received any item in a damaged condition, notify the dealer or HP Sales and Support Office where you purchased the printer, and file a claim with the carrier.

Designjet 755CM 36” (A0) Printer – Model B

Setting Up ,anual Printer Task 2: Setting Up the Printer Task 3: Load Media Task 3: Load Media For advice on the availability and use of different media types, see the section starting on page Load Media Remove the new roll from its wrapping. Remove the endcap from the top of the designhet, and slide the new roll onto the spindle. The leading edge of the media must wind clockwise. Load Media Insert the spindle so that the large media stop A is to the right and the small endcap B to the left.


Push in firmly on both ends.

HP Designjet 755cm User Manual

Be 755cm the media remains flush against the media stop. Media path The relationship of the media to the roller must be as shown in the Load Media The media cutting knife used in the next step is sharp.

Keep fingers clear of the cutting path. Keep media cutting knife away from children. Load Media Pull the media towards you and, holding it from the sides, align its right edge with the perforated line on the entry platen. Insert the leading edge into the printer, until the page buckles slightly.

Let go of the media when the printer begins to pull it in. Setting up the printer Task 3: Load media Press the key until the display shows the type of media you are loading for example, if you are using the roll of HP Heavyweight Coated Paper supplied with the printer, scroll to and then press the Heavy coated paper Enter Load Media When the printer instructs you to close the roll cover, rewind the media stop in the direction shown by the large arrow below, to take up any slack in the roll.

Make sure that the leading edge of the media is outside the roll cover, and then close the cover. Printing will be on the underside. Load Media Press the key next to the front-panel display to indicate you are loading a sheet. Setting Up the Printer Task 4: Load the Print Cartridges Task 4: Load the Print Cartridges Eight cartridges are supplied with your printer: The printer will operate successfully in monochrome with just the black cartridge loaded except on glossy mediabut these instructions assume that you are loading all four cartridges.

Load the Print Cartridges Notice that each stall in the empty carriage has a dot indicating the color: For users with color-vision deficiencies: You can identify the colors of the cartridges by the part numbers on the boxes — Load the Print Cartridges For each cartridge: Take the cartridge out of its box.

Load the Print Cartridges When all four cartridges are successfully installed, the printer automatically runs the cartridge-alignment procedure. You can throw away the small print produced during the cartridge alignment procedure. Setting Up the Printer Task 5: Optional Print a Demo Task 5: Print a Demonstration File Optional Before you connect your printer to a computer, it is a good idea to print one of the internal sample files.

This ensures that the printer itself is operating properly. If media is not already loaded, load a roll or a sheet, as explained earlier in task 3.

Optional Print a Demo On the front-panel display, go toas shown below. Optional Print a Demo light flashes while the file is being processed, and then the printer Receiving starts printing. After it has finished: On roll media, the printer waits for the ink to dry, if necessary, and drops the page into the media bin. Setting Up the Printer Task 6: Connect the Printer to Your Computer Task 6: A list of recommended HP cables for various computers starts on page To achieve the best performance from your printer, we recommend you only use genuine Hewlett-Packard interface cables, whose reliability and performance have been thoroughly tested to give trouble-free performance.


Setting Up the Printer Task 7: By default they are set to the factory defaults shown in the table on page Serial Interface Users Only Configure the Interface Configure the serial interface to match your software configuration. Setting Up the Printer Task 8: Set Up Your Software Task 8: Set Up Your Software This section gives a simple overview of the software-configuration tasks you need to perform and is designed for those users unfamiliar with this type of task.

It also points to documents containing detailed, application-specific advice. Some are supplied with this printer, as listed in the table on page Others are supplied with your application software. Set Up Your Software Software and Accessories Supplied with This Printer Use the information in the table below to decide if you need to install and set up any of the software supplied with this printer.

Item For use on Installation and Setup If not, here is some general advice. The device list in your software may not be up to date with the latest printers available. This table does not apply to PostScript files. Setting Up the Printer Task 9: Print a Test File Task 9: Print a Test File The sample files explained in task 5 simply verify the operation of the printer itself.

Having connected the printer to your computer and designejt the drivers or other software for your deslgnjet, you should now be in a position to send a test using one of your own files. Configuring the SunOS 4.

Create a directory for print spooling. All application users need read and write permission for this directory. All application users need read and write permissions for this directory. Local Printer In the dialog box: Add Local Printer Item Select Other, and set it to Unknown.

HP DesignJet cm Manual & Service Support (OEM) V.A

For full details on how to use the Display section Status lights Printing mode keys Action keys The purpose of this tutorial is to explain the use of the display section.

The other sections and their use are described later in 575cm manual. To help understand the menu structure and its navigation, print it now: