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On models with Hydrolastic suspension, an auxiliary coil spring is located can be carried out on the suspension or its components, the Hydrolastic system. Hydrolastic is a type of space-efficient automotive suspension system used in many cars produced by British Motor Corporation (BMC) and its. 5 days ago Most components shown below are unique to the Hydrolastic (wet suspension) system and suspension/braking systems on.

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In order to flow to another unit, the fluid has to flow through a valve assembly between the two containers, and then through a long pipe to the other unit. Cars using the Hydrolastic suspdnsion system: Moulton also designed the Moulton Bicycleagain using rubber suspension and small wheels.

Thus, they are interchangeable. With the lower containers being squeezed by the suspension, and no way out of the upper containers aystem in escape to the other end of the car the fluid’s only choice is to compress the hydrlastic, giving pretty much the same suspension action as if the spring itself was being compressed directly.

When servicing suspension bearings and joints using the rubber cone hydrolastic and hydragas system s it is necessary to de-pressurize the fluid to effect replacements.

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Even the Metro received a version suspensoin the system. While the Metro was praised for its handling, and offered a significant improvement in ride quality over the Miniit was criticised for its tendency to pitch and bounce on uneven roads – precisely the characteristics the interconnection was intended to remove. See the example micro generators at the foot of this page – all of which are too large for this application.

Alongside the development of suspension systems for cars, Hycrolastic Moulton designed his revolutionary Moulton Bicycle. Typically a car that is softly sprung hydrolatic as to absorb road shocks to all four wheels is also one that suffers body roll during cornering.


Today, there are more modern systems that can outperform hydragas systems, but at greatly increased cost, and this level of performances was achieved over four decades ago, with relatively basic mechanical parts that lacked any kind of “active” or feedback control on them.

The essential element is a sealed container of fluid for each wheel suspension unit. Garages equipped with hydragas pumping facilities are becoming more and more scarce, and prices can vary dramatically.


Coloring is added to help show up leaks or contaminated fluid easily. This in turn transmits the pressure to the gas in the upper diaphragm, which compresses to absorb the shock.

The system pressure is checked using the Suspension Service Unit mentioned above. The displaced fluid passes to the displacer of the paired wheel, thus providing a dynamic interaction between front and rear wheels.

The answer is that the top containers of each unit have a spring inside them – rubber on the hydrolastic system and gas in the hydragas units.

Hydrolastic – Wikipedia

Automatic transmission Chain drive Clutch Constant-velocity joint Continuously variable transmission Coupling Differential Direct-shift gearbox Drive shaft Dual-clutch transmission Drive wheel Electrohydraulic manual transmission Electrorheological clutch Epicyclic gearing Fluid coupling Friction drive Gear stick Giubo Hotchkiss drive Limited-slip differential Locking differential Manual transmission Manumatic Parking pawl Park by wire Preselector gearbox Semi-automatic transmission Shift by wire Torque converter Transaxle Transmission control unit Universal joint.

Simply put, another nozzle aimed at the generation wheel in the opposite direction such as to work with return pressure – and give generation on the up-stroke of the car’s suspension, and the re-bound. A homemade evacuation and high-pressure system based on a bottle jack hydraulic pump.

The Moulton Hydrolastic on the other hand relied on being pressurized at the factory, and the pressure bled off with time. This works for susepnsion as well as humps – useful today where the roads are so poorly maintained. Issigonis usually won, even when entered in the cc hydgolastic if there was no cc category. Car bodies have more than one roll axis. The same softness that allows the wheel to absorb a sharp upward variation in the road also means that cornering forces can push the body downward on the inside wheels.


The pressure tank on the unit should be pumped up to the system specified working pressure before opening the connector valve, which will already have been connected to the system pressure valve. You’ll need a vacuum pump to complete the system.

The result is that the floorpan sysgem level: Cars with Hydrolastic suspension do, however, have a marked tendency to squat under acceleration, and to dive under braking and for the rear end to sag under heavy loads.

But they are very similar and of course the Metro was derived from the Mini design, an evolution rather than the Mini revolution. A compressed gas spring gives a rising-rate performance, too, just like a rubber spring.

Before any major work can be carried out on the suspension or its components, the Hydrolastic system must hydropastic depressurised.

In this diagram the left unit is uncompressed and the right compressed. Alec Issigonis at the drawing board. If the dimensions are outside the specified limits, the system pressures should be checked and adjusted if necessary to obtain the correct ride height. Notify me of new posts via email.