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A newer edition of this book is available for ordering at the following web address : https: // Luke Eric Lassiter’s concise. In this concise introduction to cultural anthropology, now in its 4th edition, Lassiter takes a fresh and accessible approach to stimulating student interest in the. Invitation to Anthropology has 82 ratings and 6 reviews. Fox said: This is one of many textbooks for my Anthropology course. The book was not only an.

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In this concise introduction to cultural anthropology, now in its 4 th edition, Lassiter takes kassiter fresh and accessible approach to stimulating student interest in the human experience. He uses timely and engaging examples to showcase the ongoing relevance of anthropology today.

Invitation to Anthropology. (eBook, ) []

He also explores how the anthropological perspective can be applied to real-world problems on the local, regional, and global scale. The 4 th edition features updates and clarifications throughout the text, including oassiter discussion of evolution, language, fieldwork, gender identities, and belief systems.


Taken as a whole, the anthropologh serves as an ideal text for introductory undergraduate courses. Anthropology, Culture, and Ethnography 1. Evolution and the Critique of Race: A Short Story 2.

Anthropology and Culture 3. Some Human Issues 4. History, Change, and Adaptation: On the Roots of Our World System 5. Sex, Power, and Inequality: Work, Success, and Kids: On Marriage, Family, and Kinship 7. Knowledge, Belief, and Disbelief: Fresh, exciting, relevant and extremely useful to students and faculty alike.

Invitation to Anthropology

Previous Edition Praise — Lee D. Baker, Duke University Lassiter’s introduction to anthropology promises to keep deep and strong contact with real currents of today’s life lazsiter to pull students into those currents.

Previous Edition Praise — James L. His evangelical message about the relevance of anthropology is timely and engaging. Moving beyond the popular stereotypes of Indiana-Jones-ish anthropologists documenting fertility dances ihvitation remote tribes, Lassiter illustrates the varied and valuable applications of the anthropological perspective for real world problems on the local, regional and global scale.

Previous Edition Praise — Celeste Ray, University of the South The writing is lively, the illustrations and examples are engaging and relevant. unvitation

I would absolutely recommend it to colleagues. Previous Edition Praise — Colleen E. Boyd, Ball State University I was looking for a relatively small-sized text, so that other readings could be assigned; one that is not organized by ‘band, tribe, chiefdom, state’ and ‘hunters and gatherers, horticulturalists, etc.


I found all three in Invitation to Anthropology. Without sacrificing intellectual rigor, Lassiter engages students by tying concepts to everyday life.

Invitation to Anthropology: Luke Eric Lassiter: : Books

Invitation to Anthropology 4th Edition introduces the basics in a conversational tone, anfhropology can easily be supplemented with deeper case studies. Lassiter draws in examples from diverse research—including the!

A glossary of key terms at the end of lassiiter book serves as a handy reference for students without muddying the conversational flow of the text. New features Updated and expanded discussions include evolution, language, population statistics, gender identities, and belief systems.

New to the 4th Edition: