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Azerbaijan is a country of not only rich natural resources. Since ancient times Azerbaijan continuously bestowed talented writers, poets, musicians and scientific figures on the world and took great pride in them. This book provides information about life and creative activity of a number of well-known Azerbaijani writers.

Alongside with classics such as Fuzuli, Nizami, Jalil Mammadguluzadeh, Abdurrahim bey Hagverdiyev, you will nuganna possibility to learn much about the contemporary men of letters such as Anar, Elchin, Kamal Abdullah.

After finishing the secondary school in Agstapha, he entered philology department of Azerbaijan State University present Baku State University inwhile studying in the fourth grade he was assigned to Museum of Literature named after M.


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He could make fame with his short story, story, novel and scripts in a short time. As a master of literature he made a significant contribution to the development of Azerbaijan prose. The modern Azerbaijan prose is impossible to imagine without his excellent pieces of prose poetry.

Isa Muganna is known as one of the prosewriters specifying development trends of modern prose stepping in new phase rather than the active participant of it. This novel was a landmark mugannaa the development of Azerbaijan literature. The historical ideall of near and remote past, patriotic struggle of scientists and philosophers are depicted in the novel.

Isa Muganna, one of the prominent personalities of Azerbaijan literature played an important role in the enhancement of literary mind.

His creative activity within more than past sixty years substantially contributed to the development of literary environment. Possessing a definite position, the writer left a great literary legacy preserving centuries-long improved cultural and moral values of Azerbaijan people. Keeping all the events of various historical stages and great personalities in the spotlight, Muganna consequently produced new samples of literary works mutanna the national self-consciousness.


He succeeded in leading the literature in proper direction till the end of his life. The writer had a specific approach to the historical background of Azerbaijan and different thought of it. Sia demonstrated a profound spirit of citizenship speaking of primal social truth, as well as mastery of fully benefiting from the potential poetic opportunities of mother tongue.

The outstanding prose-writer is the scriptwriter isw most of imperishable films included in golden fund of Azerbaijan Cinematography.

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Isa Mustafa’s son Huseynov Also known as: June 12, Origin: April 1, Awards: Azerbaijani Place of Death: Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan Education: