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Below you can view and/or download the English PDF building instructions of your Lego set Forestmen Camouflaged outpost. Couldn’t find the building. LEGO Instructions Set Number Camouflaged Outpost – Thousands of complete step-by-step free LEGO instructions. 40 Items ItemName: Lego Camouflaged Outpost, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy and with instructions, without box, missing parts: 1 blue small plume, the.

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instryctions I don’t meant this set, but refer to those classic town sets which I have. Among them, the black version is considered quite hard to obtain.

There are some window panels at the bottom, serving to watch out for incoming dangers at low areas, and a small tower at the top scouting for threats. Primary building elements The primary building elements assortment are very useful for any classic castle mocs, consisting mainly black and old gray bricks. Electrical parts such as cables, motors and battery compartments can be cleaned with a cloth moistened with alcohol.

The torsos include black, blue, maroon collar pattern and a typical purse pattern printed onto those Forestmen. They evolved, like the game, and also acquired mobility in the extremities. Mine too, now that I have it.

LEGO Castle Camouflaged Outpost () | eBay

Oh, now I understand. James May was the main builder. Bricklink Store – Brickshelf Gallery.


Posted August 12, edited. This is a great way to enter and exit freely without much obvious movements. However, I do apologised if some of my images appear to be irregular dark, as I took them on different sessions as half of my previous batch of photos in daytime over the weekend were actually deleted by mistake and I need to re-visit it again.

Two of my all time favorites. This is not your typical scenery that you can imagine. Back in those days, there is not much gems and stuff like that. That is why he is considered the founder of this toy. The different variations of plumes are from blue, yellow, black and red. The front entrance was lifted to show the interior actions, and it can be closed without much obstruction.

As for the model itself, having never seen it in the brick, I can only go off of pictures.

Instructions For LEGO 6066 Camouflaged Outpost

This is a great opportunity for me, finally having a chance to review one of the highly acclaimed classic castle set of all times, in the Forestmen era. Try to minimise these when storing your Playmobil. I think this is one of the best sets Lego has ever produced. Posted August 20, It also represents LEGO’s first instryctions “wha-lah!

LEGO Castle Camouflaged Outpost (6066)

But this set has a terrific design and SIX figures. When the sticker is in right spot, let it dry and it will stick. The two biggest contributers to the discolouring of the plastic of Lego toys are long term exposure to sunlight and cigarette smoke.


Sign up for a new account in our community. If only I had gotten the blacksmith shop back then! The only thing that would have improved this, imo, would have been to swap out one of the forestmen for a peasant. None ever knew their true allegiance as they lived out in this mysterious plot of land where lush greenery and forest are located. Users browsing this forum: Thank you for the nice review of this great set. The set was a relative bargain with max playability, new pieces, and world-expanding potential.

Electric parts can only be cleaned with dry cloth.

Sign In Sign Up. I recently purchased this set and was so happy I did, you beat me to the review too Great review of an absolute classic, instructkons. Lurking behind the thick bushes, these armed solders holding bow and arrows, wearing in their green vest and distinct cap.

Indeed, the Forestmen theme portrays much like Robin Hood and his men.